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Compliant SFDR reporting made easy
   Il nostro metodo di lavoro per la SFDR

SFDR  Alignment Advisory Services:

1. SFDR mobilization:





Improve your understanding about the SFDR regulation and raise awareness of how exposed your firm is to the regulatory risk. 

2. SFDR alignment:





Help improve sustainability performance of your investment portfolio by aligning reporting with requirements of the SFDR regulation.


Outcomes of  our advisory services including:

3. SFDR alignment (investee support):


Align ESG reporting of investment funds and their investee companies with requirements of the SFDR regulation using the agile investee support package

  • Sustainability reporting is aligned with SFDR regulation. 

  • SFDR metric inventory and methodology is tailored to portfolio-specific characteristics (based on investee operations and ESG data maturity). 

  • Flexible work packages are available to pick and choose based on the nature and the scope of SFDR advisory required. 

  • Complex regulation requirements and processes are broken down into simple language.  

  • Solid foundation is created for measuring the sustainability risk of investment funds and informing further strategic decisions. 

  • Sustainability expert support is provided during the phase of data collection and preparation for reporting

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