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The New China immigration law

On April 1, 2017, China will launch a new visa point system that ranks foreigners in three categories:

A, top level talent (85 points);

B, professional talent (60-85 points);

C, unskilled workers (less than 60 points).

However, if you're working in Shanghai and other pilot areas, you have the option to apply for a visa or get one renewed through that system right now. The aim of this new system is to streamline current application and administration procedures and processes and to attract more high level foreign talent to China.

The key point of this new procedure is that the current foreign expert work license and foreigner employment license will be integrated into one document called the foreigner work license notice. The employer and foreign applicant will be able to complete and submit the license form electronically.

The original “alien employment permit” and “foreign expert certificate” will be integrated into one permit called the foreigner work permit. Every foreigner will have one permit number per foreigner work permit, which will be used by the same individual for life. Effective April 1, 2017, the foreigner work license notice (外国人工作许可通知) and foreigner work permit (外国人工作许可证) will be formally used

How does this affect you? How many points will you get? What requirements have changed?

Technically, you are no longer required to have two years’ work experience and a bachelor's degree. If you get above 60 points, you can get in without meeting those criteria.

People graduated from 100 best universities (according to the ranking made by Jiatong university ARWU, see Attachment section), will have higher possibilities to get the Work Permit.

Additional documents (such as Non Criminal Record proof) are required and need to be legalized.

For those who are already living in Shanghai, they can still renew their current visas until April 1. (note: your visa must expire by the end of April to renew before April 1.) . The currently effective employment licenses can continue to be used up to their respective expiration dates.

Afterwards, everyone will be on the new system, and the government will re-evaluate you under the new criteria.

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